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Group f/22 was envisioned by Isidro G. Pentzke, Andrea Suhajcik, and Melissa Glynn who had a deep desire to educate others with their lifelong passion for photography education and the arts. These three educators met at Lynn University while they were studying for their Doctoral Degrees and realized they had a strong devotion to incorporate their love of education and photography as well as creating materials to inspire future artists to dig deeper and create confident learners. The three educators became an unstoppable force when they combined their knowledge, skills, and admiration for education and the arts.

Living in a visual world filled with colors, shapes, lights, and shadows, the three educators believe the Visual Arts are essential to education. Visual Arts teach us how to think outside the box and how to expand our understanding of the rules by allowing us to explore endless possibilities. The Arts are not only limited to drawing and painting, but also expand to mathematics, English, science, music, and alternative media like photography or digital art.

The information found on this site is a collection of information that has been researched, vetted, and documented for anyone that has an interest in the art of photography. The information found on this web site is meant to be used for students, teachers, or self-taught photographers, to expand their knowledge in all aspects of photography. Click here for more information.

Group f/22 is a free platform where anyone can learn the art of photography.

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Photo Editing

Learn how to set up your file workflow to optimize image editing time. Learn how to spend less time on the computer and spend more time taking photos. Click here


Want to learn how to use your camera to the fullest? Learn how to get out of auto modes and get into full manual mode! Click Here


Understanding light is one of the most important steps of photography. Click Here to learn more


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Isidro G. Pentzke MFA

Master of Fine Art

Andrea L Suhajcik

Master of Education

Melissa D Glynn

Ed Special

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