Mission Statement 

Mission Statement

Group f/22 is an art organization dedicated to enriching life through art education. This site focuses on the art of photography and basic skills of art education. This site was created to educate, inspire, and support art educators and anyone that has an interest in the art of photography. Group f/22 encourages Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking, all of which are needed to support a well-rounded education. The information found on this site is a collection of information that has been researched, vetted, and documented by a core support group of educators.

Vision Statement

To develop a free Professional Online Multi-Faceted Approach to art education focusing on the art of photography. This educational website will support the basics of photography with the use of videos, PowerPoints, readings, and short quizzes

Group f/22 believes that by creating this free online multifaceted platform, students can become well-rounded, successful and develop their skills needed to be successful in future careers.

The information found on this web site is meant to be used for students, teachers, or self-taught photographers, to expand their knowledge in all aspects of photography.


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Isidro G. Pentzke MFA

Master of Fine Art

Andrea L Suhajcik

Master of Education

Melissa D Glynn

Ed Special

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Mr.Pentzke raised $53,000.00 in scholarships for his students, and over $5,000.00 towards a large format printer for his classroom.


Photography Reference

This site was created by art advocates and educators, Isidro G. Pentzke, Andrea Suhajcik, and Melissa Glynn. All the information on this site has been researched and vetted by this group. The work has all been clarified or paraphrased in hopes that the visitors to this site may have a better understanding of the material. This site was constructed and supervised during their time in the doctoral program at Lynn University in completion of a Doctoral Degree in Education.

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