Melissa D Glynn EdS

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Name: Melissa D Glynn EdS

Phone: 954-857-3435

Professional biography:

Melissa Glynn is a Language Arts teacher who teaches at a middle school in Coconut Creek, Florida. She has been an educator for over 13 years, and has worked for Broward County Public Schools for 16 years in total. Melissa has taught Language Arts to all grades in middle school, taught Intensive Reading in high school, taught First Grade, has been a Library Media Specialist at all school levels, has been an Instructional Librarian at Florida Atlantic University, and has been a GRE Reading Teacher for Broward College. Melissa has also worked as a Technology Specialist, a Trainer for the school board’s police department, a Teacher Trainer, and a Field Experience Coordinator. Her diverse experience makes her an incredible asset to the schools she works for.

Melissa has been in love with the arts since she was a little girl. Even though she wanted to be a teacher since she was young, Melissa thought of being a cartoonist for Disney. Being a talented artist, she decided to start a face painting business ten years ago because she enjoys making kids smile! Melissa is not currently face painting, but turned her talents into creating graphics for her online business selling t-shirts, birth announcements, and so much more.

Melissa holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in English, a Master of Public Administration, a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science, and an Educational Specialist degree in Educational Learning. She will finish her Doctorate degree in Educational Learning in May 2021.

Melissa believes that every day you can learn something new.

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